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By sponsoring with SOS Children, you will give a child a loving family and all the support they need for a happy, healthy childhood. From as little as £20 a month, you can change that child’s life.

100% of your donation will go towards the care of children. You will provide vital support from education to healthcare, ensuring your child gets the best possible start in life. Our secure sponsorship form makes it easy for you to help a child in need today.

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What makes our sponsorship special?

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  • Sponsorship is NOT used for UK admin, 100% is spent on the care of children
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  • We give your child proper care - a home, food, a school, and healthcare*
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  • You can visit or write to your child in their Village
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  • You will receive written updates and photos to keep you informed about Village life
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  • You can make small extra gifts into a savings account for birthdays and special occasions

* Some other charities offer children who live with their biological parents as "sponsored children", but we only offer sponsorship of children in our care. See overview of child sponsorship charities for more help choosing an organisation to sponsor a child.

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About sponsorship

Learn more about what child sponsorship means to us and find out why we think it is the best way to help.

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Sponsor testimonials

Here, sponsors reflect on what child sponsorship means to them. Many have visited their sponsored child.

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Where to sponsor

View a list of all the countries where we care for children and find out why children worldwide need your help.

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Sponsorship FAQs

You will undoubtedly have many questions about child sponsorship and here we aim to answer the most common.

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