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Shira Kammen – Music of Waters

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Reading Time: < 1 minute  78 total views,  3 views today [mp3] 01-Windstrings (0:42)[mp3] 02-Downstream (6:37)[mp3] 03-Unconformity (2:53)[mp3] 04-The Water is Wide (6:35)[mp3] 05-Bufo (3:16)[mp3] 06-Dark Tower (7:24)[mp3] 07-Coconino (2:15)[mp3] 08-Boathag (3:22)[mp3] 09-How have I come to find I’ve lost your face (4:21)[mp3] 10-Lydiamania (4:49)[mp3] 11-Grey Funnel Line (2:42)[mp3] 12-Jackass Canyon (5:56)[mp3] 13-Frog Drums (2:46)[mp3] 14-Wild Mountain

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