Shira Kammen – The Castle of the Holly King

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[mp3] 01-The Holly Bears a Berry (2:46)
[mp3] 02-The Wren in the Furze (2:13)
[mp3] 03-Christmas Day in the Morning (1:45)
[mp3] 04-Apple Tree Wassail (2:57)
[mp3] 05-Rafe’s Waltz (4:54)
[mp3] 06-Cutty Wren (3:15)
[mp3] 07-Le Brandvein – Holly and his Merry Men – Angelus ad Verginem (3:01)
[mp3] 08-Arranne Ny Sheeaghyn Troailtagh (1:40)
[mp3] 09-An Dro Nevez (2:37)
[mp3] 10-Gower Wassail (4:50)
[mp3] 11-A Counting Song (5:57)
[mp3] 12-Round About Our Coal Fire (5:47)
[mp3] 13-Nou is Yole Comen (2:48)
[mp3] 14-Tapster Drynker (1:20)
[mp3] 15-Bring Us In Good Ale (2:57)



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