Covid 19: il vaccino arriva per e-mail

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Ricevo e trascrivo questo orrendo messaggio di spam. C’è gente che vende (o pretende di vendere) il vaccino Covid 19 cinese bombardando una serie interminabile di indirizzi e-mail, tra cui il mio, con offerte che hanno dell’incredibile. Leggete il tutto e rabbrividite.


We provide different vaccines resource from manufacturer and professional consulting service about purchase.

Below is our detail process to help you purchase one brand vaccines you need.

The main points of influenza or covid-19 vaccines are as follows:

Background: in view of the lengthy process of negotiation and procurement between government departments between countries and the difficulty of operation controllability, the normal compliance international trade form is adopted to simplify the procurement;

Both sides of the transaction: Party A is a Chinese supply chain pharmaceutical company with the qualification of purchasing and exporting compliance vaccines, and Party B is a company with sufficient capital and having compliance operation in the host country;

Trading foreign exchange: US dollar or pound sterling or Euro or Japanese dollar or Hong Kong dollar;

Priority countries: One belt, One Road country, BRIC countries, and friendly countries in China;

Transaction mode: Party B entrusts Party A to purchase domestic vaccines manufacturers, and Party A provides original factory purchase + whole process cold chain transportation + export declaration + CIF delivery to Party B in destination country;

Transaction subject: Party A only accepts the overseas procurement demand of vaccine finished products, and does not deal with the procurement demand of other non-finished vaccines;

Price factor: according to the diplomatic relations and friendly relations with China, as well as the qualification of Party B company and the results of back investigation, the comprehensive quotation shall be made according to the purchase quantity and the expected arrival time of customers;

Intermediary fee: the buyer’s intermediary shall sign an agreement with the demander, i.e. Party B, on an unrestricted form of commission or consulting service fee;

The trading process sand table is as follows:

(a) Written demand information (LOI or inquiry letter) and company information / qualification / payment bank submitted by the buyer’s intermediary;

(b) One belt, one road Group Co., Ltd. of China as a leader group company of Party A carries out background checks to confirm the necessary factors for compliance procurement. If the background investigation fails, it will be terminated;

(c) After the background investigation is passed, the buyer’s intermediary shall be informed, and the interview shall be conducted at the appointed time. Party B must arrange the person qualified for signing the contract to attend the meeting or entrust the commercial counselor of the Embassy of Party B’s country in China to act on his behalf;

(d) After Party B determines the participants, it needs to prepare a written capital certificate, submit it to Party A for confirmation at the closed meeting, and Party A offers, and communicates with both parties to reach the transaction price;

(e) Party A shall issue SPA and Proforma Invoice on the spot of the closed meeting according to the transaction price reached by both parties, and both parties shall sign and complete the written part of the transaction;

(f) According to the SPA signed by both parties, Party A shall perform the contract, deliver the goods at the port of destination in the country designated by Party B on time, and the transaction is completed.

Chinese translation is below :