Harlan Williams – The Glass Desert

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Concediamoci ancora un po’ di musica. Il tipo la chitarra la suona assai benino, sì…

Filename  Size  Date 
01-Beneath the Iron Heel of Pagan Rome-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  3,895,256   1/30/10  10:37 am
02-The Reign of Diocletian-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  6,373,511   1/30/10  10:38 am
03-The Limb of the Fiend-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  4,572,321   1/30/10  10:40 am
04-In Nomine Domini-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  7,107,327   1/30/10  10:41 am
05-Gregory IX-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  6,284,372   1/30/10  10:43 am
06-The War in Heaven-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  6,444,288   1/30/10  10:45 am
07-The Foaming Blood of the Grape-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  5,691,714   1/30/10  10:47 am
08-The Darkened Hearts of Foolish Men-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  6,370,348   1/30/10  10:48 am
09-Laodicea-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  4,713,583   1/30/10  10:50 am
10-The Valley of Hamon Gog-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  8,387,339   1/30/10  10:51 am
11-The Donation of Constantine-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  3,631,986   1/30/10  10:53 am
12-The Seventieth Seven-Harlan Williams-vbr.mp3  6,092,819   1/30/10  10:54 am


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