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Learn with SOS Children

SOS Children is delighted to work with UK schools to bring the knowledge we have of children's lives across the world to school children in this country. We also offer UK schools a chance to work with our charity to make a real difference to communities of children elsewhere in the world.

Who is SOS Children?

SOS Children is a charity which focuses on vulnerable children and fragmenting families. Children come to live in our Children's Villages for a variety of reasons: some of them might have lost their parents in war or natural disaster, others have been abandoned because their parents are unable to look after them because of poverty or disease.

We think that the information we have about how children live in other countries is so important that every child here in the UK should know about it. The children of today are the decision-makers of tomorrow, and have the opportunity to create a better future for all children. At SOS Children we'd like to help equip them with the knowledge they need for this.

School visits

As part of our school programme we like to offer school visits to tell you more about the work of our charity. The school visits can consist of full school assemblies or talks to smaller groups. Topics can be tailored to the needs and interests of the school. Common requests include information on our work in specific countries or information about child labour, child soldiers or the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

A girl at school in Thailand, with her teacher behind herWe also offer interactive workshops with smaller groups of students. Workshops give more opportunity for students to ask questions, and are often in the form of thought-provoking role plays.

SOS Children here in the UK is located in Cambridge. We can normally easily cover school visits in the East/South East and London area, but in many other areas we work with local volunteers who support our charity. Because we want the information we have to be available to all school children we do not charge for school visits, but we try to keep travel expenses to a minimum and welcome contributions to cover costs. We are of course particularly keen to visit schools which are carrying out fundraising activities for us. Read more about fundraising at school.

To find out more

Go to our 'find out more' section to get in contact with our Education Coordinator and to learn more about how your school can work together with SOS Children to help children's lives.


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