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SOS Children, which runs nearly 200 sos schools in the developing world, organised this selection. To compare sponsorship charities this is the best sponsorship link.

Portal pages are another way of learning about topics. They collect snippets of a lot of articles and themes together on a topic (like, say, Medieval Britain) and allow you to get an overview of how well the topic is covered here. Wikipedia has introduced Portal pages recently and the content on them is a mixture of projects (helping people become involved in improving Wikipedia) and content. Here we have taken just the content out.

Wikipedia for Schools is a selection taken from the original English-language Wikipedia by the child sponsorship charity . It was created as a checked and child-friendly teaching resource for use in schools in the developing world and beyond.Sources and authors can be found at www.wikipedia.org. See also our Disclaimer.


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- Alighieri - La Divina Commedia


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