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This independent remailer uses the Mixmaster remailer software. It is
highly recommended that you obtain a copy of the Mixmaster software to
utilize this remailer. This particular remailer may offer other means of
accessing the remailer service. If this remailer offers other means of
accessing the remailer service, the means will be described later in
this help file. However, only by using the Mixmaster client software
will you assure the highest level of security against third-parties
compromising your privacy. How to obtain the Mixmaster software:

Mixmaster source code for FreeBSD, Linux, other variants of UNIX, and

If your operating system is a UNIX derivative, simply download and
compile the client from the source code available at

Mixmaster clients binaries for Win32 (Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP)

Win32 users may wish to try Jack B. Nymble, a graphical user interface
client implementing the mixmaster protocol. Jack B. Nymble is developed
independently of the main Mixmaster distribution. Please do not contact
the Mixmaster development team or the Administrator of the Anonymous Remailer with questions about this software.
You can obtain a copy of Jack B. Nymble from

For more information about Mixmaster or to contribute to the development
of Mixmaster, please see the following URL’s:

Official Mixmaster Project Site:

General Information about Remailers and Remailer “how-to” Guides:

Locations of some Worldwide Remailers


You can use PGP to encrypt messages sent to this remailer if you for
some reason are unable to use the Mixmaster client software. However,
while PGP will securely encrypt the content of a message that you are
sending to the remailer, submitting messages to the remailer that are
merely PGP encrypted without the use of the Mixmaster client software
greatly increases the risk of third parties being able to determine the
identity of the sender (you).

This remailer primarily supports the ability to submit messages for
remailing without requiring the Mixmaster client software for backwards
compatibility with older remailer client software.

If you are able to use the Mixmaster software with your operating system
(chances are you can), it is highly recommended that you use the
Mixmaster client software instead. See the earlier section in this help
file on how to obtain a copy of the Mixmaster client software.

If you cannot use the Mixmaster software, want to use an anonymous
remailer, and are willing to accept reduced security, you can do the

Send email with Subject: remailer-key to
a copy of the remailer’s PGP key.

Then do the following:

1)create a file containing your message
2)insert a BLANK LINE as the first line of the file
3)Insert a “::” as the second line of the file
4)Insert “Anon-To:” as the
third line of the file.

At this time, the file should look as follows:



This is some anonymized email.

5)Now encrypt the file with the PGP key of this remailer.

Finally, email the encrypted file to
shown in the example below.

The line “Encrypted: PGP” instructs the remailer to decrypt the message
and process its contents.

Subject: anonymous message

Encrypted: PGP

Version: 2.6.3i

ybry/1Rsqn4la3a0JiIhLvnYGCu9HFtiC8oIxnlkeuIYe+EH =HgDq

Even though PGP encryption in itself is very secure, not using the
Mixmaster client exposes some information to parties desiring to
compromise your privacy. This information leakage permits what is known
as “traffic analysis”. For example, if someone receives anonymous
messages soon after you sent encrypted messages to a remailer it is
likely that you are the sender of those messages.

To partially compensate for this information leak, you can instruct the
remailer to delay your messages for some time or send the remailer empty
messages to make such analysis harder:

If you use the line “Null:” instead of “Anon-To:”, the remailer will
simply discard your message.

You can add a “Latent-Time:” header to the remailer to retain your
message for some time before forwarding it. “Latent-Time: +2:00” would
delay the message for two hours. You can use a random delay by adding
“r”, for example “Latent-Time: +5:00r” would delay the message for up to
five hours. For example:


Latent-Time: +2:00

This is some anonymized email.

You can chain remailers by using another remailer to send the message to



Encrypted: PGP

Version: 2.6.3i

ybry/1Rsqn4la3a0JiIhLvnYGCu9HFtiC8oIxnlkeuIYe+EH =HgDq

Next, encrypt the message with the PGP key of the Anonymous Remailer
and send the twice-encrypted message to

Similar to a nested Russian matryoshka doll, containing increasingly
smaller dolls inside the each outer doll, you can layer multiple
encryption layers and remailer hops around your message. If this sounds
confusing, just use the Mixmaster client software instead.

If you send your messages through a chain of several independent
remailers, it will be become increasingly difficult, though not
necessarily impossible, to trace the anonymous message back to you. A
vastly more secure solution is to use the Mixmaster client software to
send your anonymous mail.

Some remailers supporting PGP encrypted messages offer pseudonymous
“nym” service that allow you to not only send emails privately, but also
receive emails without enabling the sender to determine your recipient
destination email address. For more information about such nym services,
see the following URLs.


You can use this remailer to post messages to Usenet newsgroups. To send
a message to Usenet, insert the “Anon-post-to:” header as per the
examples below.


Anon-Post-To: alt.test,misc.test

Subject: An Anonymous Usenet Post

This message is anonymous.
When posting test messages, please use the appropriate test newsgroups such
as alt.test and misc.test.

The newsgroup alt.privacy.anon-server is not a test newsgroup. Please do
not use alt.privacy.anon-server for testing purposes.

To post a follow-up to a Usenet article, you must insert a “References:”

Here is an example as to how to reply to a message that originally
contained the following headers:

Newsgroups: soc.rights.human
Subject: Re: Are you a witness of torture in West Africa?
Message-ID: <>
References: <>

Your anonymous follow-up message should begin as follows. Note the
required blank line between the “To:” header and the double colon.


Anon-Post-To: soc.rights.human

Subject: RE: Are you a witness of torture in West Africa?

Two weeks ago, soldiers came to our village. The soldiers all had
machine guns. Nobody in our village has any guns, since the police had
come by our village about a year ago and took away all of our guns to
protect us from bandits. There was nothing we could do to resist the
soldiers. The soldiers rounded up all the men, except young children and
the very old. Then the soldiers lead the men away from the village.
About half an hour later, we heard many shots in the distance. When we
went looking for our people, all men were dead. The soldiers had left.
The next day, they went to another village in the [. . .]

Abuse Policy:

Unfortunately, there will always be a very small percentage of
individuals that choose to abuse the anonymity that this and similar
systems worldwide afford to send otherwise unwelcome email. The Anonymous Remailer does not condone such messages, or their content,
in any way.

Just as the Post Office is unable to prevent abuse of the mail system as
long as there are public mailboxes into which a person can drop a letter
without including a return address, the Anonymous Remailer cannot preemptively
prevent irresponsible individuals from using this system to send
inappropriate messages. However, unlike the Post Office, this remailer
enables you to assure that you will not be inconvenienced by users of
this remailer in the future.

To block the users of this remailer from sending email to your address,
please send a message to
containing the line

destination-block youremail@youremail

anywhere in the body text of the email. You can simply reply to this
message using your email program and send back this entire message for
your current email address to be permanently blocked from users of the Anonymous Remailer.

For additional information on this remailer’s abuse policy, instructions
on how to block more than one email address, and to reach the Anonymous Remailer operator, please send
email to
Thank you for your interest in secure and private communications,

– – The Anonymous Remailer Administrator

Version: GnuPG v1.9.20 (GNU/Linux)


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