Berlusconi in catena

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My name is Mr. Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister who is currently facing a probe over alleged fraud at broadcaster mediaset.

I have an urgent and confidential business proposal for you. I am being accused for a possible fraud trial, which involves millions of euros, and if fund guilty will lead to possible frozen of my
personal account, my family wealth in offshore and other establishment.

See the web link for more details:,5478,17056740%255E1702,00.html

I am looking for good business operator with reputable business records, company and individual who can help me establish my money as a security measure, in other not to lead to account frozen when I am fund guilty by Italian Law.

I will not be dealing personally with you as I am place under security control.either my personal attorney/Advisory will have all the cases done with my approval.

Please observe utmost confidentiality and rest assured that this transaction would be done legally and most profitable for both of us because l shall require your assistance to invest the money in your country.

For more information, contact my personal Lawyer/Advisory Barr. Tom
Hendry. Email:
Thanks For Your co-operation and kind support!
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